Spotters 6

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adenoca stomach-small irregular stomach with irregular thick folds
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Adrenoleukodystrophy-occipital lobe & spelnium of corpus callosum predeliction
Slide 4
Gastric bezoar.

Slide 5
bronchial a.embolisation
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Atretic Parietal Cephalocele
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caffey's ds-periosteal reaction

Slide 9
Caroliís ds with central dot sign
Slide 10
Alexander's ds.-bifrontal lobe predeliction
Slide 11
adenomyosis-high signal foci within thick(12mm) junctional zone
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Slide 13
cholesterol granuloma-petrous apex hyper on T1& t2
Slide 14
Choledochoduodenal fistula
Slide 15
AVM lt.pca territory
Slide 16
choroid plexus papilloma-echogenic intraventricular tr in child

Slide 17
Choroidal melanoma1
Slide 18
Chronic UC with mesorectal lipohyperplasia causing widening of the post-rectal space
Slide 19
cloacal anomaly-common opening of urethera,vagina & rectum
Slide 20
closed lip schizencepaly

Slide 21
Craniopharygioma T1 bright-oil like
Slide 22
cppd-crystal depostion in triangular fibrocartilage of wrist
Slide 23
corpus callosum & scalp lipoma
Slide 24
corkscrew app.-Cirrhosis-enlarged hepatic a.with tortous branches

Slide 25
colonic polyposis-garderner syn
Slide 26
crohn's-terminal ileum fistulas & cobblestoning transverse colon
Slide 27
CT scaphocephaly
Slide 28
CT-hemochromatosis-liver hyper

Slide 29
DAI-Corticomedullary jn & posterior body,splenium of corpus callosum- very typical sites for DAI Characteristic hemorrhage involving dorsolateral midbrain (white arrow) from DAI. multiple petechial hemorrhages at bifrontal gray/white interfaces (white arrows) in diffuse axonal injury.
Slide 30
discoid meniscus-extn.upto intercondylar notch on coronal view
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diffuse esophageal spasm-corkscrew oesophagus

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Dissecting aneurysm of thoracic & abdo aorta with filling of false lumen in abdo aorta & lt common iliac a
Slide 34
Endoleak from stented aorta
Slide 35
enlarged adenoid & lingual tonsil
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fournier's gangrene
Slide 38
extradural hydatid cyst
Slide 39
esohageal duplication cyst
Slide 40
epiploic appendagitis

Slide 41
ependymoma 4th vent.-extn into CPangle cistern