Before you start spotter exam please be clear you have to attempt spotter just like exam, each spot is changed after a fixed time so be ready with paper and pen.After finishing your test click answer key, self check your score with sincererity and if possible post it with your name so that atleast you can see how much average marks are obtained by your colleagues.

Spotter Session E

Spotter Session I

Spotter Session J

Spotter Session K

Spotter Session K Session
Spotter K1 Spotter K2 Spotter K3

Spotter Session L

Spotter Session M

Spotter Session M Session
Spotter M1 Spotter M2 Spotter M3

Spotter Session N

Instructions while viewing spotters :

For answers, click on Button and Select "open speaker notes" to open a box which contains the answers.

For Full screen, click on the bottom right corner button.